We believe in design as a means to create stimulating and safe environments, where children can develop their creative potential.


PiPa is an architecture and design studio focused on developing children's projects and furniture.
We find motivation in the creation of quality designs, with an emphasis on their playful aspect. This is why our furniture is a game, a ready-to-assemble object, or a character that will become part of the child's real and imaginary environment.
Our aim is to create lasting furniture that can be attractive for both children and adults, that becomes a part of a house or an institution for a long time.
We choose to work with natural materials or materials with information about their original characteristics. The wood and the cotton canvas printed by hand are part of our expressive and poetic identity.
As architects, we offer an integral design service, taking the different scales of a project into account.

PiPa es un estudio de diseño, enfocado en muebles para niños


Muebles para niños Pipa

In PiPa, every design is the result of the inspiration we feel from our children. We created several prototypes until we were able to come up with functional and playful children's furniture. We use wood or by-products and we manage to reduce the amount of litter to practically zero with the help of CNC technology. Our products are easy to assemble and move. We strive to create quality design at a reasonable price.